Monday, March 06, 2006

St. Martin's Men of Emmaus

The Little Things
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Coming back from a 4-day silent retreat this weekend, my mind was opened to many things, but there are two that I feel compelled to share, as they relate to Lent.

The first: Doing little things well.

So often, I think that in order for me to have an impact on the world, I need to take broad steps, when really, if I take little steps well -- do an act of kindness for my wife, really be present to my children when they come to me, or power through an illness without mentioning it -- I can achieve much more. And in doing those little things well, I can move on to bigger things, like improving my virtue. In fact, by doing those little things well, I actually do improve my virtue ... my charity, my humility, my fortitude, my perseverance.

Which leads me to the second thing: Root sin ... Pride, sensuality, vanity, sloth.

I learned my root sin is like a tumor that has spread throughout my body. No matter how hard I try on my own, I cannot get rid of that cancer, because it has become a part of me, from my heart to my fingertips, from my fingertips to the ends of my toes.

The only solution is "radiation treatment" ... exposure to Christ, through the Eucharist, and through adoration.

Through the Eternal Doctor's loving power, I can stop the cancer. My yes, my simple Amen, can stop the spread, and in fact, I can allow His Body to overcome my own. If I share in His body, I become more in "communion" with others ... friend or enemy.

I can make His yes my yes.

And through treatment after treatment, I can make that yes radiate from the very center of my heart.


At Mon Mar 20, 09:35:00 AM 2006, Blogger Ty Roach said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing. Once our Lenten schedule passes, I would love for you and the other guys that went on that 4 day silent retreat, to share with us your experiences.

Very insightful comments. Thanks again for sharing.


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