Tuesday, February 21, 2006

St. Martin of Tours Men's Lenten Renewal Program

Hosted by the Men of Emmaus

March 4

Fathers. Protectors. Leaders. Husbands. Prayerful people. Catholic men grapple with these roles. We often feel uncomfortable in them. Each Saturday morning in Lent, from March 4 to April 8, we invite you to hear six dynamic speakers who will address issues that drive to the hearts of men struggling to live lives of faith, fatherhood, and Christian manhood. Speakers for the 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. talks include:

Kevin Brock, Principal Deputy Director, National Counterterrorism Center, FBI

Men And Their Duty To Protect: Understand It. Live It.

“Harmless” entertainment that debases sexuality corrodes human relationships and weakens moral fiber. Agent Brock shares a frank discussion about increasing hostility toward women and children over the past 20 years – in areas not necessarily illegal but as perilous. He’ll challenge us to open our eyes and comfortably step into roles as protectors. A career FBI agent, Kevin Brock was appointed principal deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center in 2005. He joined the Bureau in 1983.

March 11

Msgr. Mark Brennan, Pastor, St. Martin of Tours

How Can We Be Men of Prayer?

How can I, as a man, “go deeper” in prayer when it is my nature to think efficiently, and prayer doesn’t always seem so efficient? Or, on the flip side, how can I get to the point where I don’t feel hypocritical getting down on my knees? I’m not holy. How can I see this as my call and not feel hypocritical as I nag my wife, yell at my kids, and barely make Mass? How do I then speak with God?

March 18

Deacon Greg Shaffer, St. Francis of Assisi, Derwood, Md.

The Eucharist Is C.O.O.L.

Ultimately, there is one thing we all seek: Happiness. Each day we make choices to get us there. Some find happiness, some don’t. Deacon Shaffer suggests choosing the Eucharist for life, love, and true happiness. How can we make the Eucharist c.o.o.l., or the center of our lives? A seminarian of the Washington Archdiocese, Deacon Shaffer is one of the original men to witness at St. Martin’s Men of Emmaus group. He is serving a pastoral year at St. Francis until May 2006, when he will be ordained to the priesthood.

March 25

Fr. Javier Santabella, Associate Pastor, St. Martin of Tours

My God: His & Hers?

How do you keep your marriage holy, happy, and tracking along the same path to salvation while you and your wife tred different spiritual paths? Many of us are evolving more slowly than our wives – how do you keep on your path, help your wife, or vice versa, and still stay united as a couple?

April 1

Fr. John Clark, Associate Pastor, St. Martin of Tours

Forgiveness: It’s Not A Dirty Word

Christ said to forgive seven times 70. That meant our enemies, our children, our wives, ourselves. Fr. Clark speaks on how to best move forward in Lent, how to leave the past behind, and how to start anew.

April 8

Art Bennett, Director, The Alpha Omega Clinic

Fathers: How Can Your Kids Lead Happy Lives?

The answer is you, says Mr. Bennett. Studies reinforce the Catholic view that parents – fathers especially – are vital to their kid’s development. Without getting clinical, Mr. Bennett makes suggestions on how men can become more involved in their children’s lives, and have a lasting effect. Art Bennett, M.A., has been director of the Alpha Omega Clinic in Arlington, Bethesda, and Crownsville, for three years. A marriage and family therapist, he writes for the National Catholic Register and hosts the popular Washington, D.C.-based Catholic radio show, Healthy Minds, Healthy Souls. Alpha Omega Clinic integrates mental health and parenting principles with Catholic wisdom.


WHERE: St. Martin’s Church basement

WHEN: From 7:30-9 a.m., March 4 through April 8

FOOD: Donuts and coffee will be served

Ω There is no charge for this program. Ω

The talks end by 9 a.m. so anyone who would like to go to Mass upstairs can do so.

While we need to work at our own pace to improve our lives, as men seeking to grow closer to God together, we can accomplish even more. We are in the struggle together. If we celebrate the Eucharist as men seeking Christ, change could happen exponentially … within our hearts, with each other, within the lives of our families, and within our parish family. A small Lenten sacrifice could be the gift that rewards you more than you’d imagine. Please consider extending your morning of reflection with attendance at Holy Mass.


At Tue Feb 21, 07:35:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a well thought agenda for the upcoming Lenten season. Great work MoE!


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