Thursday, April 13, 2006

God or the Girl

'God or the Girl' is a five-part documentary series that follows four young men through the emotionally wrenching final weeks that lead up to the most important decision of their lives - whether to become Catholic priests or not.

Fr. Dan knows the guy that worked on this project - Greg Schlueter.

The show aires on A&E

Easter Sundat, April 16, 9-11pm - Episodes 1 & 2
Easter Monday, April 17, 9 - 11pm - Episodes 3 & 4
Sunday, April 23, 9pm Finale.

Check it out...


At Mon Apr 17, 08:50:00 AM 2006, Blogger KBinMD said...

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At Mon Apr 17, 03:12:00 PM 2006, Blogger KBinMD said...

I caught the first two episodes last night and was very pleasantly surprised. The show doesn't seem to stoop to the depths other reality shows have gone to. From what I understand, the producers intended originally to go that route, but found that they had bitten off more than they could chew with the participants. They had some men whose faith was very strong and would not compromise their faith for the show's ratings. What they got was a look inside 4 men's hearts as they make the most important decisions of their young lives.

I also discovered I had a small connection with one of the young men in the show. Dan, the one who carried the 80lb cross, is from Columbus, OH and went to St. Charles High School. I went there my first 3 years of high school from 84-87, and knowing the school and where he comes from, it's no surprise to me that a guy like this would come out of St. Charles and contemplate the priesthood. An exceptional young man coming from an exceptional place.

BTW, I recorded the first two episodes on DVD and will get the rest as well. I'll have to edit out the commercials, but I'll try to get it done soon and make it available if anyone would like a copy.

God Bless.


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