Sunday, June 04, 2006

Youth Group Wild Kingdom

Another crazy weekend at St. Martins starting on Friday night, when the Youth Group welcomed graduating 8th graders by hosting the Wild Kingdom party (see the 6 minute video highlight below for a recap of the action).

Saturday kicked off with a MoE meeting featuring a witness talk by one of our guys.

Sunday was the parish picnic and a farewell Mass for Fr. Javier. We also took the time to celebrate Msgr. Brennan's 30 years of service to the Lord through his vocation in the priesthood and Fr. John's 10 years of priestly service. After a short (2 hour) outdoor Mass, we ate, drank and played games. It's always a party at St. Martins.


At Wed Jun 14, 09:58:00 PM 2006, Blogger Patrick J B said...

I love you guy (brotherly love), but that youth video left me with a headache trying to watch the action.

At Tue Jun 20, 09:44:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree Patrick!

At Sat Jun 24, 10:15:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A disturbing cinema verite reworking of the slasher movie motif. Some of the symbolism was over the top: the MEAT grilling, and the wiping out of the Class of 2006. I was intrigued by which of the youth would be the first to fall victim to the knife wielding psychopath. As far as the identity of the psychopath, my moneys on the dude with the spiky blond hair and the goatee.


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